Tips From Your Neighborhood Watch Committee

1) Be sure to remove all items/gifts/accessories from your cars from plain-view so they cannot be stolen from your vehicle.  Also make sure all doors are locked at night.

2) Remember to stay with your vehicle once it is started so that so that you will not become a victim of a car theft.  Note: It is against the law to start your vehicle and leave it running unattended and there is a $50.00 fine.

3) From time to time we are sure that you will have friends and family gatherings be mindful of your neighbors regarding loud music and parking the city has a noise ordinance and a time at which all music must be turned off please see CMPD website.

4) Magnolia Acres Community has increased police surveillance within our community within the New Year so you will see increased police patrol in our area.

5) Watch out for your neighbor if you see something suspicious be sure to call 911 to report it immediately.

6) Also if you would like to join the Neighborhood Watch Committee please attend our next Committee Meeting on Feb 17th at Showmars on Little Rock Road at 7pm.


**Remember if you see something say something***


Magnolia Acres Community Watch Community.