Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness Tips from Henderson Properties

Be Prepared – Be Safe

Stock Up

  • Non-perishable food and water for at least 7 days, and make sure you have a manual can opener.
  • Pet food and fill up bowls of water for pets.
  • Cash. ATMs and electronic registers won’t work in a power outage.
  • Batteries. Check your electronic devices, including medical equipment, to see what types.
  • Propane for gas grills. You can heat soup cans, boil water, make coffee, etc.
  • Prescription medicines. Most insurance companies allow for 2 emergency refills per year.

General Prep

  • Get an AM/FM portable radio so you can keep up with news coverage. Do NOT depend on your cellphone for communications.
  • Gas up your car and have a spare gas container for your generator or your car.
  • Drop your A/C temperature in advance.
  • Wash all dirty clothes and bed sheets. Remove anything that will cause an odor when the A/C is off.
  • Fill Ziploc bags three-quarters full of water and stuff them in your freezer to fill up the space. The less air you have in the freezer, the longer your refrigerator will stay cold.

Setup Light Sources

  • Gather all candles, flashlights, lighters, matches, batteries, and other items and keep them accessible.
  • Try to get LED flashlights and lanterns as they last longer. Have at least one flashlight for every person in your family, and ideally have a lantern or two for general lighting.
  • Charge any device that provides light. Laptops, tablets, cameras, video cameras, and old phones. Old cell phones can still be used for dialing 911. Charge external battery backups.

Create a Water Supply

  • Remember you’ll need clean water for brushing your teeth and washing yourself.
  • Store water-filled trash cans next to each toilet for flushing.
  • Fill the tub with water before the storm. Use this water to flush the toilet if the city water goes out.
  • Fill washing machine and leave lid up to store water.
  • Fill old empty water bottles and other containers with water and keep near sinks for washing hands.
  • Fill every plastic container with water and store in freezer. These will help keep food cold longer and serve as a backup water supply.
  • Keep baby wipes next to each toilet. Don’t flush them. It’s not the time to risk clogging your toilet!

Emergency Plan & Shelter

  • Pick your emergency safe place in a storm shelter or windowless area by an interior wall, and “camp” there during the storm. Store the items you’ll need in that location.
  • Check on all family members, set up emergency back up plans, and check on elderly neighbors.
  • Choose a friend or relative out of town to be the contact point for your family or group of friends. After a storm, it is always easier to get a call out of the area than within the storm zone.
  • Put a small suitcase full of clothes and toiletries in your car in case you decide to evacuate. Also put at least one jug of water in your car. Remember to pack for pets as well.
  • Think about what you will sit on if you are in a hallway or other safe spot for an extended period Have books or other non-electronic entertainment available. This is a good time to read Henderson founder Shelly Henderson’s new book, Starting From Scratch. To receive a free copy, stop by the corporate office at 3030 Latrobe Drive today or tomorrow and ask for one.
  • If you live in a high rise, be sure you know what the procedures are going to be in the building. Will the building be evacuated? Will the water continue to work? Will elevators work?
  • Do NOT count on your cellphone for communications. Cell towers may be out, or your battery may run down. Have an adapter so you can charge your cellphone in a car, have extra charges, and back-up batteries if you can.
  • Take photos today or tomorrow of key documents, all electronics, and everything valuable. Upload the pictures before the storm. If you can, take a video of your house and contents. This will help if you need to make a claim later. It will show proof of items and help you list them all.
  • Save your contacts in your phone to the cloud.

Secure and Protect:

  • Secure anything that will fly around, secure gates, bring in hoses, potted plants, etc. Bring in patio/pool furniture, lawn ornaments, and grills.
  • Think now about where you are going to park your car. A parking garage is ideal. Outside in a low-lying area or under a tree is the worst.
  • Place everything that is important and necessary in a bag / box that is easy to grab and is waterproof. Include your wallet with ID, phone, hand sanitizer, snacks, etc. Get plastic sleeves for important documents.
  • Before the storm, unplug all electronics. There will be power surges during and after the storm.
  • Remember, pets are family too. Bring them inside for the duration of the storm.
  • Tape windows in an X pattern with masking tape so that if the glass breaks, it will be in larger pieces.

Take Care of Yourself

  • Be well-hydrated before the storm hits and avoid salty foods that make you dehydrated.
  • Be sure you know a safe place where you and your family can ride out the storm, if it comes.

Remain calm and think clearly.

After the Storm

  • Make sure everyone in your household is okay.
  • Survey your property, being careful to avoid falling debris and downed trees.
  • If you see downed power lines, don’t go near them. Report this to the electric company immediately.
  • Report any gas smells to the gas company immediately and vacate the premises until it’s fixed.
  • Contact your homeowners’ insurance company for major damage.

For areas managed by the HOA, notify Henderson Properties at 704-535-1122. Keep in mind that the whole area may be in a similar position, and services will be delayed due to high demand.

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